Hi from the Netherlands...

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Hi from the Netherlands...

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I’m Dutch having autism & a kind of shy guy I’m also known as Multiwizard…

I’m interested in almost anything what the world has to offer…

& a small part of it is old computers… :-)

I’ll try to keep it short (as possible (which I never manage))… ;-)

In the 80’s I bought me an Acorn Atom, most of the people were programming games, so I wanted to make some hardware, those days I also had a little Disco drive-in & I made me:



which I still have. (working)…

In the early 90, I (why oh why) I sold “all” (not my self build hardware) my Atom stuff… :-(

Around 2010 I started to collect again, also other Acorn types & a few other computer brands…

Now these days apart of my precious Atom collection, my Acorn highlight became having two running Domesday systems (the “first” & only two in the Netherlands)

& favourite non Acorn computer are my (also running) VICTOR computers…

For all my Acorn Atom related videos I use my AtomsUp YouTube channel…

All the other (computer) things I do I use my Multiwizard YouTube channel…

If I write/reply to someone in English you just reply in Germen back which I will understand perfectly, just my German writing isn’t that good that’s why I use English… 8-)

I have not much to offer, perhaps just a few solutions/ideas for some people…

Kind regards, Multiwizard.
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Re: Hi from the Netherlands...

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Hi und willkommen im Forum!

Thanks for posting your introduction. No need to be shy!

We do have an english sub-forum as you may have noticed, but of course you're not restricted to that. I encourage you to try and write in german, as we are a german community and if you feel up to the task. We also don't mind a few mistakes as long as you get your basic intent or idea across.

Ich bin mir auch sicher, dass du nicht das einzige Mitglied bei uns mit Autismus bist. As they say in english "some of us are on the spectrum, too."

Willkommen im Forum. Dein Konto ist nun freigeschaltet. Viel Spaß!