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Video review: DreamBlaster Synth S1 Wavetable Board

Verfasst: Do 2. Jul 2015, 09:54
von philscomputerlab

Direct link to the review: DreamBlaster Synth S1 Wavetable Board Review

This is a review of the DreamBlaster Synth S1, a newly produced wavetable board for sound cards with wavetable header. The review features recordings of Doom, Doom 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Privateer, Descent, Raptor and Dune 2.

Link to the item:

There are time markers in the video description for jumping to the specific game recordings.

My take:

- Good value
- Sounds good, but not as good as a Roland Sound canvas or Yamaha MU
- Compact, so it fits on cards that have issues with large boards (Yamaha Audician 32 Plus for example)
- Free shipping

Let me know what you think! Do you like the sound? Thanks :)

Re: Video review: DreamBlaster Synth S1 Wavetable Board

Verfasst: Fr 3. Jul 2015, 11:21
von Locutus
Thanks for sharing your video here. I have been following your channel on YouTube for quite some time now and always enjoy watching your videos, especially hardware reviews. My YouTube name is blasterbeam btw. :-p

Apart from Dune II everything sounds quite balanced to my ears. Its not on par with any of the Yamaha (DB50XG series) or Roland cards, but it certainly sounds better than for example the stock wavetable synthesis that comes with the AWE series of creative cards.

I wouldn't agree however that it is generally favorable over FM synthesis, because, with enough effort, FM synthesis can sound great and can create totally different sounds.

Anyway this seems to be a reasonably good wavetable board IMHO.


Re: Video review: DreamBlaster Synth S1 Wavetable Board

Verfasst: Sa 4. Jul 2015, 17:39
von philscomputerlab
Thanks for the feedback :)

You're right, there are cases when FM sound nicer than unbalanced General MIDI. I find it cool that someone made this product though. It gives everyone one more option to choose from.