help with ES1980 Maestro-3 pci sound card.

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help with ES1980 Maestro-3 pci sound card.

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i'm trying to configure an ES1980 Maestro-3 pci sound card for use in DOS. internet search says ESS cards are SB compatible easy to setup for DOS but this one is giving me problems. when i load ESSAUDIO.SYS in config.sys and call ESSAUDIO.COM in autoexec.bat and it says i need to enable something in windows. i don't have windows on this particular pc.



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I think you are using a driver for Windows. As it seems, there is no driver for DOS (

You could try to use the Soundblaster 16 driver from Creative, maybe this one works.
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It's in German only, but nevertheless it might be interesting: ... ae1d32c531

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i got the win9x drivers from esstech website. that's where i got the ESSAUDIO.* files -- except for essaudio.ini.

i didn't understand everything from bttr's link but i have reproduced the ini file anyway. i'll try it later.

thank you very much.

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it didn't work. here are the files i used if anyone is interested: ...

thank you anyway.

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problem solved! i installed win98se, then the vxd drivers from esstech website. it generated a .ini for my pc, which i hope will work for others.

here is the link to dos only drivers for the es1980 maestro3 pci soundcard: ... S1980D.ZIP

important note:

mpu401 and game ports are not initialized during dos boot and will only work in windows.


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a collection of esstech pci soundcard drivers for DOS.

es1938 ESS 1938/41/46 Solo-1 AudioDrive (16bit)
es1941 ESS 1938/41/46 Solo-1 AudioDrive (16bit)
es1946 ESS 1938/41/46 Solo-1 AudioDrive (16bit)
es1968 ESS 1968 Maestro-2 AudioDrive (16bit)
es1978 ESS 1978 Maestro AudioDrive (16bit)
es1980 ESS 1980 Maestro-3 AudioDrive (16bit)
es1989 ESS 1989 Allegro-1 AudioDrive (16bit)

ripped from:
ESS Technology (


LH C:\ESS*****.COM

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