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New release of DOSUTILS

Verfasst: Mi 15. Feb 2012, 18:16
von Wiwa64
A new release of the DOSUTILS package is available and can be downloaded from here

Three of the utilities the package consists of have been improved:

RPN - a program that provides integer math to batch files e.g. for numeric loop counters or simple calculations.

SELECT - a program that can serve as a directory browser or to display a scroll bar menu with any kind of content.

FORM - a program that displays a freely definable form on the screen, accepts the user's input and stores the responses in one or more environment variables.

In addition a new member joined the package

FNTOOL - a tool to transform DOS filenames in many ways replacing commands like dirname or basename but more powerful than these two ones.

These utilities (together with the other ones in the package) effectively increase the set of commands usable in batch procedures adding many features one might possibly miss when returning from UNIX shell scripting back to DOS batch programming and they might be particularly useful when writing installation or set-up procedures.

Re: New release of DOSUTILS

Verfasst: Mi 22. Feb 2012, 11:00
von freecrac
Thanks for this information.