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Verfasst: Mi 17. Nov 2010, 14:00
von Gast
Does anyone out there know this program? I have an 84 year old client who owns a real estate business and has been working with Framework III and Rimo since the 80s, i recently gave him my WinXP machine with hopes Rimo was going to run but it gives configuration errors. I am not sure if there is something i need to change that it can run under WinXP Pro or it won't work at all? Framework III seems to be functioning though, any suggestions as to how best i can get Rimo to work?

Your feedback will be much appreciated,



Verfasst: Mi 17. Nov 2010, 14:58
von CptKlotz

I don't know the programs you mentioned, but you could try running the software in DOSBox.

DOSBox is somewhat games-oriented, but since the goal of the project is to fully emulate an X86 machine with DOS it might be able to run the software your client is using.

Another option would be to use one of the more "professional" PC emulators such as VMWare or Virtual PC. Those will require more configuration work such as installing DOS and the appropriate drivers for the virtual PC the emulator is emulating.

A third option would be to boot the system into plain DOS via a boot disk since Windows 2000 and XP don't offer any real DOS mode at all anymore apart from the command line which is a kind of emulation as well.

If the system is using the FAT32 file system for its hard disk, you will need boot disk that contains FAT32 drivers. The easiest thing to do is use a Windows 98 or ME boot disk since those already include support for FAT32.

If the hard drive is formatted with NTFS, it will probably be quite hard (if not impossible) to use the hard disk with "real DOS".

If the machine is used for Windows applications as well, I would probably check out the emulation approach first because loading the emulator is faster and easier than booting the system from a floppy.

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Verfasst: Fr 26. Nov 2010, 09:09
von Gast
Hi Stephan

Sorry for the late reply, i was away and didn't check the platform but thanks for all the information and possible workarounds, i will give it a try and will let you know if it is a success.
Again, i really appreciate your feedback.