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Looking for an XT power supply

Verfasst: Sa 31. Mär 2007, 23:55
von Lennart
First of all, I'd like to say hello to everyone at this board. I'm afraid that my knowledge of the German language isn't sufficient enough to allow me to post in the Suche/Biete subforum, atleast not without making a complete mess out of my post, so I thought I'd rather post it here instead.

As you might have noticed from the title of this topic, I’m currently looking for a replacement power supply for my IBM XT. Apart from the power supply the XT is still in perfect working order, so I’d really like to reanimate it again. Unfortunately, obtaining an XT power supply isn’t that easy, so I’m hoping that someone here has such a power supply which he’d be willing to sell or trade.

I’m looking for a power supply with these specifications:
- 130 Watt or more, 220-240V
- XT-form factor, easily identifiable by the, usually red, power switch on the side
- 2x 6-pin connectors (usually labeled P8 and P9) to the motherboard

I don’t necessarily need a genuine IBM power supply, a clone XT power supply will suffice as well. I can either offer money for it or trade it against some old IBM PC stuff. Feel free to add me to your ICQ or send me a PM if you have one.

Kind regards,

Verfasst: So 1. Apr 2007, 11:36
von Odin

these power supplies are very rare. Maybe you can get one at eBay.

But maybe you can repair it. Have you got some experience in electronics? In this case it should be no problem for you. Open the case (disconnect the power cable!) and look for damaged parts. With old power supplies it is often the case, that capacitors were defective. If you have found one (ore maybe more) you just need to replace ist with a new one.

Verfasst: So 1. Apr 2007, 21:51
von Lennart
Thanks for your reply! I have indeed considered to repair the power supply, but I can't access the inside of the power supply yet. It requires one of those star shaped screwdrivers, which I currently do not have. I might buy such a screwdriver, but even then I'm still very interested in buying or trading a power supply. It can't hurt to have a backup, you know. :wink:

Verfasst: So 1. Apr 2007, 22:39
von Odin
I think you should buy one of these screwdrivers and try to repair the power supply. You can always repair computer power supplies, because there are only standard parts inside (except the transformators).

I think the biggest chance to get another power supply is to look at eBay or a flea market. Maybe you take a whole computer, so you have some more replacement parts.

I indeed have such a power supply, but I'm still using it ;-). If you need help when repairing your one, you can post pictures here, maybe I can help.

Verfasst: So 1. Apr 2007, 23:36
von elianda
For my CBM PC-I with defect power supply I found out that you can plug an AT supply connector on the XT connector pins. The order of the voltage pins is identical, some AT pins remain 'floating' cause the XT connector has fewer pins. Though the color code is different.
I cant show a photo here, cause the PC is stored at my parents house.

I dont know if this helps in your case.

Verfasst: Mo 2. Apr 2007, 10:06
von Lennart
I guess that would indeed be a good solution. Even if I can find a replacement it would be handy to repair the old one just in case. I'll go search for such a screwdriver now. Any idea what size it has to be?

Interesting idea, the connectors for both the XT and AT power supplies are indeed the same. However, do AT power supplies fit physically in an XT case? I'm not very keen on drilling some extra holes in the case, so if they really don't fit I'd have to use the power supply externally. While this isn't the most elegant solution, it should be easier to find such a power supply. I'll keep it in mind when I spot such a power supply.

On a side note, I might have found a complete IBM XT clone which has a power supply also suitable for my XT! It contains some nice extras like an MFM-controller and harddisk as well :-D. Hopefully I can work something out with the seller. 8-)