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XPYDERZ (DOS game) Pre-Pre-Release out now

Verfasst: Di 8. Jul 2008, 15:42
von DOSferatu
At first:
This entry is NOT meant as any kind of advertisement to buy something - but only as an information about a free game. If the moderators or the Spambusters probably state this text as illegal advertisement or spam, so delete it, please - just before any other users will read it and feel annoyed by it.

New DOS game: XPYDERZ by Imperial Games
A pre-pre-release of Imperial Games' XPYDERZ is from now avaliable at the Imperial Games website (sorry - for this site is in German). In the preview section you can read something about the game, and admire some screenshots. At page 6 of the preview section you will see the link to download XPYDERZ. (, 312 kB)

XPYDERZ is a MS-DOS game, but will also run in some versions of MS-Windows. Further information about this in the included description text.
XPYDERZ is bilingual (English and German).
There is a German version of this text in the "Spiele" section of this forum, too.