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DOS and CLUSTER support

Verfasst: Mi 1. Feb 2006, 11:53
von pollewops
I want to connect from a DOS bootable diskette to a MS CLUSTER server's virtual share.
Is there someone out there who have had something working ?

I can't get it working !

Please help.

Verfasst: Mi 1. Feb 2006, 12:22
von CptKlotz

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "MS Cluster server". Assuming what you mean is a kind of server that has shared drives and directories like a regular desktop computer running Windows, you might be able to access it using DOS TCP/IP drivers and Microsoft LAN Manager.

I still need to set up TCP/IP and Microsoft Network support on my MS-DOS boxes (so far, I've always been using Windows 3.11 for sharing data with my Windows NT machines). But perhaps somebody else will be able to help you.

By the way, in case you haven't noticed, there is a special forum area for discussions in English language. I will leave this thread in "Software" for now, but I'll move it to the "English Board" in a few days.


Verfasst: Mi 1. Feb 2006, 20:02
von Gast
MS CLuster server is a cluster server.
Which means 2 servers are clustered and assume to be one to the world. The load can be balanced, more power can be given and the fault tolorance is higher.

A share on a cluster server is a virtual share.
DOS can't connect to it....although I don't know how....maybe someone does ?

Verfasst: Do 2. Feb 2006, 16:38
von bttr
What Cluster Server? NT 4.0, 2000, or Server 2003?

Verfasst: Mo 6. Feb 2006, 16:34
von pollewops
Server 2003 is this case

Verfasst: Mo 6. Feb 2006, 18:53
von bttr
Please read: and

You have to disable Microsoft network client: Digitally sign communications (always) in your Default Domain Controllers Policy.

Verfasst: Di 7. Feb 2006, 11:47
von pollewops
is disabled !
Still connecting VIRTUAL shares is not possible !

keep in mind that connacting to the physical share is possible !

Verfasst: Di 7. Feb 2006, 17:28
von bttr
What the h*** is a virtual share? Either it is a share or it is not. Are you talking about DFS?

Verfasst: Di 7. Feb 2006, 21:19
von pollewops
I will try to explain...

we have 2 servers: server1 and server2. Both servers are running Windows 2003 and are added to a clusterserver named server3.
The server is configured active-passive, which means that from the outside the user always looks and connects to shares available on the "virtual" server server3.
But in fact that virtual server3 is physically server1 or server2. Which server depents on where the cluster resources are active. It could be either server1 or server2 and also in the meantime you can do a failover between the two nodes. Still the user will always looks at server3.
If server2 fails and the virtual server3 was connected to server2 it will automatically fail-over to node1, which is in this case server1.
For the end-user nothing changes. They will always connect to server3 !!
That is a virtual node and the shares on that node are virtual shares !! Connecting to a physical share on lets say server1 or server2 is not a problem from DOS, but connecting to a share on server3, the virtual node, is a problem from within DOS :-(

Understand now ?
If not I will explain more :-)

Verfasst: Mi 8. Feb 2006, 10:43
von bttr
Um, I generally know what a cluster server is. ;) But sorry, I don't know how to help you.