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English speaking visitors may post here. (No registration reqd.)
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FAQ / Posting Rules

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What is dosforum.de?

The "DOS Forum" is a German discussion board for people who are interested in (IBM compatible) PC hardware, software and games from the MS-DOS era.

What is this section? What can I post here?

In this forum area, people who speak English may discuss any topic related to MS-DOS and compatible operating systems (like DR-DOS, FreeDos etc...). You may also talk about Windows up to version 3.11.

While you are also allowed to post off-topic messages, you should not start any threads about Windows 95 and above.
We feel there are more than enough discussion boards for current versions of Windows and wouldn't like our board to be abused for asking questions such as "How do I change the wallpaper in Windows XP".
This applies to the command line / DOS mode of current versions of Windows, too!

Please try to post comprehensible messages and treat other users with the same kind of respect you would like to be treated with.
If you have a question, please describe your problem in detail so other people can help you more easily.
If you have an opinion, please back it up with a reason unless it is just a matter of taste.

What you cannot post:

-requests for copyrighted software and other material
-messages containing insults, offensive content, racism or any kind of fanaticism
-incomprehensible or nonsensical messages

How do I become a registered user and what are the benefits?

Registering enables you to post messages in all areas of this discussion board. Obviously, if you don't speak German, this might not be all that useful.

However, registering enables you to reserve a nickname and use an avatar, so registering might be a good idea if you plan on using our discussion board more frequently.

If you are highly knowledgeable about a certain topic (e.g. developer or expert user of a piece of software, hardware, etc.), you may post relevant information in German threads, if you understand enough of the discussion to be able to make a contribution.

If you'd like to register a user account, please use the "Registrieren" button on the top of the page and complete the process. After you have registered, please start a thread in the "English Board" forum area and give us some brief info about the things you would like to discuss. Your selected user name will not yet be available. The easiest thing to do is to just modify the name by adding a character to it.

We will then activate your user account.

Have fun!
“It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.” (William G. McAdoo)