mouse problem sorry im inglish

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Re: mouse problem sorry im inglish

von CptKlotz » Mo 28. Feb 2011, 18:35

Gibt's einen besonderen Grund, warum Du auf dieses fünf Jahre alte Posting geantwortet hast? :-)

Re: mouse problem sorry im inglish

von oDOSseus » Mo 28. Feb 2011, 14:46

I am pretty sure that this user did not noticed the movement and thought his thread was closed.

von CptKlotz » Fr 31. Mär 2006, 20:40


in case you haven't noticed, there is a forum area for discussions in English language (thus, I have moved the thread to the "English Board")

Concerning your question:

In order for other people to be able to give you any kind of advice, you'll need to describe your problem in detail:

-What kind of computer system are you using?
-Which version of MS-DOS are you using?
-What kind of keyboard and mouse connectors does your computer have? (e.g. PS/2, serial or USB mouse? PS/2, AT or USB keyboard?)?

-What kind of deviation from normal operation does the system show exactly? What makes you believe the system is taking your mouse for a keyboard?

kind regards,

mouse problem sorry im inglish

von im english cant spk deutc » Fr 31. Mär 2006, 19:11

help if got an mouse problem in ms dos sum1 can help me if i put in a mouse it thinks its a keyboard need driverlinks

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