Schneider EURO AT

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Re: Schneider EURO AT

von Gast » Fr 11. Nov 2016, 08:56

Nach ein paar Versandschwierigkeiten ist der Rechner am Ziel angekommen.
Der Käufer ist sehr zufrieden mit dem Teil.


Re: Schneider EURO AT

von KosilKosojKosojKosoj » Fr 16. Sep 2016, 15:20

Hi again,

Kindly check your mailbox so that my email don't end wasted in a spam folder. :)

Kind regards,

Re: Schneider EURO AT

von drzeissler » Do 15. Sep 2016, 07:07

To your friend in Frankfurt could be possible. Only the machine, no monitor no keyboard no mouse, or do you need anything beside the machine.
I bought it some time ago, put a harddisk in it and a new ds2887. So please sent me your offer to


Re: Schneider EURO AT

von KosilKosojKosojKosoj » Do 15. Sep 2016, 01:58

Hello, thank you for a quick answer! I live in Latvia, but I travel a lot and in October I will be in Bonn/Frankfurt. Besides, my friend is living in Frankfurt. So, I might go to your location, if it's not too far from Bonn or Frankfurt. Otherwise - is it possible to send it to me somehow? Regarding the price - should we discuss it privately?

Thank you very much again!

Kind regards,
Kosil Kosoj

Re: Schneider EURO AT

von drzeissler » Mi 14. Sep 2016, 19:50

Hi, the machine is still here. It's working fine. Where is your location?

Schneider EURO AT

von KosilKosojKosojKosoj » Mi 14. Sep 2016, 18:17


DOS Forum looks like a very nice place for enthusiasts and I really appreciate how you care on keeping it 100% clean.

To be honest, I am here only for this post: I'd like to know if it's still up to date. I am highly interested in DOS, but - again, to be honest - I doubt I'll return here often as I don't speak German and there are a lot of forums about DOS held in my native language.

However, as you know, it is hard to find a Schneider EURO AT nowadays. I'd really, really like to have it, so kindly help me to contact Herr drzeissler.

Thank you for your time!


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