Schneider FD 360

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Schneider FD 360

Beitragvon EuroPc Fan » So 1. Apr 2012, 18:54


Iam looking for a external 5 1/4 floppy disk drive for the Schneider euro pc /at series of computers.
Like this one:

Anyone can help where to find or buy one , ebay, etc ? I know are pretty common in germany, the land of this fantastic computers.
Any help is welcome,


Europc Fan.
EuroPc Fan

Re: Schneider FD 360

Beitragvon Gast » Mi 14. Okt 2015, 09:29

Hi there i have 2 in stock, FD 360 and FD 720 in good used condition. Last used in the early nineties
150 EUR per device plus shipping if u are in european country.
pictures can be send by mail.
payment via paypal.


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