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The Packet Sniffers

Verfasst: Do 15. Mär 2007, 14:47
von dosman
I noticed this link to our show from here:

We have had some of our episodes translated from English to Russian and Chinese, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help us translate it to German? We have T-shirts and DVD's of our show we can offer in exchange for your help.


Verfasst: Do 15. Mär 2007, 22:01
von CptKlotz
Hi Nathan,

yes, that's my posting... It basically says "check out this cool show", since I enjoyed your shows quite a lot so far... Keep up the good work! :-)

What kind of translation do you have in mind for the show? Subtitles or audio overdub (I don't have the patience to download a whole chinese or russian episode right now :-)?
This might be important for people to decide whether or not to try to translate your shows.

Kind regards,

Verfasst: Fr 16. Mär 2007, 19:26
von dosman
We would be looking for an audio over-dub of the show. Details here:

Verfasst: Fr 16. Mär 2007, 19:27
von Gast
I guess it would help if I listed some contact info!!

Thanks again!